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Cargo Insurance

Codotrans offers the cargo insurance service that protect your cargo of all loss and/or damage while it is in transit between the points of origin and final destination. Goods may be transported by land (only into USA), sea or air.

Cargo Insurance is essential for businesses engaging in international trade, especially those shipping large quantities of goods by boat. Specific terms and benefits vary widely across the world and many Cargo Insurance Policies are custom tailored for specific shipments, but a few general principles apply to the entire industry. Codotrans Inc works with Insurance Companies which have an extensive experience for bring an excellent service.

The most comprehensive type of Cargo Insurance is called All Risks Coverage. If you are shipping Household Goods
, Personal Effects, or Vehicles
, all risk insurance is only available if the container is professionally packed and loaded by a professional company (not the actual customer). Otherwise, the shipment is only insured for very a limited “WA coverage”.


Most Cargo Insurance Policies do not reimburse for losses caused by improper packing, consider all the time use a proper packing of your cargo.

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